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Ripple Tries to Lure Vitalik Buterin While XRP Community Start Doubting Their Position

Ripple Tries to Lure Vitalik Buterin While XRP Community Start Doubting Their Position

While the cryptocurrency market seems to finally overcome the bearish trends, it gives a new wave of positive moods among the community. Nevertheless, the end of negative tendencies doesn’t mean that the industry as nothing to talk about.

Buterin Lost His Chance at Ripple?

Recently, the community has got an issue around the key industry’s figures to discuss. Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, shared an article with its Twitter followers. The article tells about the facts US authorities refused to give a visa to Zoom’s CEO for eight times, and reveals how he managed to become a billionaire.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, also joined the discussion and disclosed some interesting details from his past, before he created Ethereum. David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, also responded to Buterin recalling the situation when he had problems with his US visa.

“Fun fact: I tried to be an intern at Ripple back in the day (mid-2013), but US visa complications having to do with the fact that the company had only existed for 9 months and the minimum was 1 year stopped me,” Buterin shared his memories.

Schwartz couldn’t keep silent in after such memories. “Think of the great things you might have accomplished! Maybe apply again? We’re always looking for good interns,” offered he.

Though the major part of the Ethereum and XRP community found this little dialog rather funny, some of the community’s members considered Schwartz’s reply rather offensive and even arrogant.

Nevertheless, Schwartz clarified that his response shouldn’t be perceived as a trial to offend somebody and it was just a joke. “Vitalik knows I have nothing but respect for him and his work,” explained he.

Justin Sun, Tron’s CEO and founder, who is known for his poignant remarks also replied to Vitalik’s tweet, adding that they could have been buddies if they had both been at Ripple.

Such a close attitude is a little bit unexpected taking into account their previous wars but, as Coinspeaker has reported, during a recent interview on The Crypto Chick podcast, Justin Sun hinted at a potential collaboration with Vitalik Buterin.

What’s Happening with XRP?

Mentioning David Schwartz, it’s worth mentioning that just recently it has been revealed by one of Twitter users that Schwartz is selling his XRP stack. Such a move is viewed as one of the biggest warning sign one could ever get.

According to this Twitter user, another Ripple employee was also observed selling his/her XRP over the past few days. The user said that it is a serious indication of the risk associated with holding XRP.

Nevertheless, Schwartz reacted rather quickly trying to explain that his position is still a part of his ‘de-risking strategy.’

Ripple Tries to Lure Vitalik Buterin While XRP Community Start Doubting Their Position

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Vitalik Buterin Allegedly Cashed Out $40 Million ETH Tokens In Early 2018

Vitalik Buterin Allegedly Cashed Out $40 Million ETH Tokens In Early 2018

There’s an interesting revelation by Alex Sunnarborg, a founding partner of the crypto hedge fund Tetra Capital, who states that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin cashed out $40 million worth of ETH tokens between June 2017 and February 2018. Note that Ethereum (ETH) was trading at its all-time high during Jan-Feb 2019.

Sunnarborg found these details after digging into the historical account data of Vitalik Buterin. Buterin is reportedly holding 350,000 ETH in his main wallet address.

A Sneak Peek Into Buterin’s ETH Holding History

Today, the total worth of ETH tokens in Vitalik Buterin’s account is $50 million. However, during its all-time high in January 2018, his net worth crosses over $500 million.

Since 2015, Buterin has converted 544,998 ETH tokens to fiat, according to the report by Etherscan. Thus the total amount cashed out until now is $49 million out of which $40 million was moved only during the above mentioned period.

Later, Sunnarborg also clarified with Buterin to confirm his calculations. Responding to it, Buterin clarified that he has never cashed-out over the $915 levels. Hence, his cashed-out fiat currencies are currently below $30 million. Buterin was smart to remind Sunnarborg that he has also allocated nearly $8 million funds in donations until now.

There’s no doubt that Buterin has been generous enough when it comes to donating for a social cause. Buterin has donated at several charitable events and also provided funds for tech developments. Non-profit organization Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) received donations worth $763,970 worth of ETH to address the hazards associated with AI.

Similarly, in February 2018, he donated $2.4 million in ETH to  SENS Research Foundation (SRF) for research of disease associated with aging. Last year, Buterin also donated 1000 ETH each to three startups involved with the development of Ethereum 2.0 platform. These three startups include Sigma Prime, Prysmatic Labs, and ChainSafe Systems.

Although it might interest crypto enthusiasts into looking at Buterin’s account details, the Ethereum co-founder has always stayed transparent regarding his ETH holdings.

Vitalik Buterin Opens Up on Ethereum Price

During his recent podcast interview, Buterin talked about how higher price can ensure better network security.

“I can tell you what things are clearly important about why the price is higher rather than lower is good. One of them is obviously security. If the price is zero, then the network can’t be secure. That’s true in proof-of-work and proof-of-stake,” explained Vitalik. 

Buterin also talked about the importance of ICOs and how Ethereum network has proved to be a successful launchpad for revolutionizing this fundraising industry.

Earlier this month, Ethereum also got a green signal from the U.S. SEC chairman Jay Clayton. Clayton said that after thorough assessment, they found that Ethereum doesn’t qualify to be a Security. Thus, it won’t be subjected to any security laws or regulatory scrutiny.

Vitalik Buterin Allegedly Cashed Out $40 Million ETH Tokens In Early 2018

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Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure

Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure

In his recent live-stream interview with Laura Shin for the crypto journalist’s Unchained podcast, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared his views on the current situation on the crypto markets and answeres a number of other crypto-related questions including the value of Ethereum (ETH), industry’s regulation, future of ICOs and the work of Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Ethreum Price: What’s Going on 

It’s not a surprise the Buterin was asked about his stance towards the current ETH price. In his opinion, the Ethereum price has a strong influence on the entire market. He explained his position the following way: 

“In part, it was counter-signaling to distinguish [Ethereum] from other crypto projects that do pumping and lambo-ing way too much. But also it was about minimizing the legal risk by basically trying to make the project seem more distant from something that would be covered by financial regulation.” 

Now regulators as well as businesses and developers have started to realize the nature of cryptocurrencies and the fact that digital assets have their value. What’s more important, now they understand that blockchain applications can bring significant benefits to people’s lives. 

Buterin insists that despite the fact that many people try to claim that prices do not matter at all, it is absolutely not so. Prices play a crucial role in the network’s growth. 

“I can tell you what things are clearly important about why the price being higher rather than lower is good. One of them is obviously security. If the price is zero, then the network can’t be secure. That’s true in proof-of-work and proof-of-stake,” explained Vitalik. 

Moreover, many Ethereum-based projects hold a significant part of their funds in crypto. That’s also one of the reason why prices matter. If the price increases, it means that they are more funded. 

ICOs Still Have Future 

Buterin agreed that success of Ethereum greatly depended on the fact that the network was used as a launchpad for a large number of ICOs. Nevertheless, he highlighted that even without Ethereum ICOs would have taken place and developed. 

The only bad thing about ICOs, according to Buterin, is scam. A lot of projects turned out to be scammy and weak which was rather negative for the reputation of other ICOs.  

What Satoshi Should Have Done 

“Satoshi had a really hard job and could not have predicted which way the ecosystem would have went, [that it] would have turned into something more than a science experiment said Buterin when asked about his potential recommendations to Satoshi that he would made if he could go back into the past. 

He also joked that he would advise the Bitcoin creator to build Ethreum 2.0 following the link on GitHub. And it’s not the first time when he tried to show the dominace of ETH. Now so long ago he compared ETH with a smartphone while BTC was named just a calculator. 

Vitalik Buterin: If the Price is Zero, Then the Network Can’t Be Secure

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Ethereum Price & Technical Analysis: ETH Needs Support

Ethereum Price & Technical Analysis: ETH Needs Support

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex.

  • Abra fully supports Ethereum
  • SEC is still trying to categorize cryptos
  • A new Ethereum update may be released
  • The fundamentals are scarce

Abra wallet is now fully supporting ETH, which means the users will now be able to transfer Ether through third party addresses using the mobile app, and store Ether on their accounts.

Abra also launched a promo that will be effective till the end of March: anyone who buys ETH for at least $5 will get $25 more in ETH.

The issue on Ether status as a security is still being developed. The US SEC believes this status has been changed: before, the crypto had some similarities with a security, but now it’s not so. In Switzerland, meanwhile, SIX Group exchange launched Ethereum-ETP, which means the local commission doesn’t question Ether’s status. The new product ticker is AETH; this is the third time such a product is being launched over the last five months.

The market is barely interested in the new Ether algorithm, ProgPoW, and the respective update called Intanbul. Ethereum has just launched its hard fork, but the devs think it’s not enough to resolve all Ether’s issues.

Technically, Ether is forming a bearish downtrend on W1, with the target at the long term support, $10. Currently, the crypto is correcting locally after the MACD convergence and the Stochastic forming a golden cross. After this correction is over, the local support may get broken out, and the price may get pushed to the major target, especially if the Stochastic forms a  black cross and the MACD gets negative.

On D1, an ascending correctional channel is being formed. The latest upmove reached the fractal resistance, which was a support before. The MACD is rising, which may make one assume the price is going to rise to $190. Conversely, if the current support at $115.25 gets broken out, a midterm downmove may start.

Photo: Roboforex / TradingView

On H4, the Stochastic converged, and the correction reached 38.20% Fibo. Currently, the price may break out the local support and move to 50% ($144.30) and 61.80% ($149.50). If the Stochastic forms a  black cross, however, the price may go down to the local low at $122.57, and then to the correction channel support.

Photo: Roboforex / TradingView

Ethereum Price & Technical Analysis: ETH Needs Support

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S10 dApps, Believed to Save the Dwindling Crypto Market

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S10 dApps, Believed to Save the Dwindling Crypto Market

Samsung Electronics always strives to offer its users the best new features that revolutionize the mobile world today. In that connection, we published that their new Galaxy S10 and S10+ devices have built-in crypto support. Over the weekend, the company revealed the cryptocurrency wallet installed in its just-launched flagship phone, the Galaxy S10. According to a March 10 report, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet is currently compatible only with ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Although Bitcoin’s logo appears on earlier pre-release presentation images, it is not yet supported. The wallet will also support four decentralized apps (dapps) at launch. These apps include beauty community Cosmee, merchant payments service CoinDuck, crypto gaming platform Enjin, and crypto collectibles platform CryptoKitties. Only Galaxy S10 phones users can download the wallet app from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

The company also added that it plans to launch the service to more cryptocurrencies and devices in the future. This device officially started shipping from pre-order sales on March 8. This news comes weeks after Samsung confirmed that it would offer private cryptocurrency key storage supported on the S10 range.

Later, the firm published a preview of the storage solution dubbed the “Blockchain Keystore.” The solution has three brad features that include digital signatures, payments to merchants, and cryptocurrency storage and transfers. The Samsung Blockchain Wallet is designed to simplify the transactions process for novices to the technology.

As we noted earlier, Samsung appointed Enjin to back its Galaxy S10 Blockchain wallet. Enjin ranks among the leading protocols in the blockchain-based gaming landscape that enables developers to efficiently deploy technology-based games. It supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens

dApps Details

It is possible for users to make payments to merchants using the supported CoinDuck dapp. Using this dapp, customers can enter the amount they want to send and scan a QR code. The code provides an online or offline merchant wallet address. After scanning, users can then press the “accept” button to make the payment via the Samsung Wallet.

In that connection, CoinDuck’s parent company, Chain Partners, stated:

“It was inconvenient to copy the address of the merchant’s wallet and paste it into the personal wallet. We have dramatically improved the usability of CoinDuck and Samsung Blockchain Wallet.”

Samsung has selected various dapps to operate on the new Galaxy S10. As we published last month, the company selected COSMEE as its first dapp partner. COSMEE is a blockchain-based beauty social media platform. CEO Howon Song commented via Cosmochain’s official social media channel:

“Samsung Electronics’ blockchain team has long been looking for a widely-used dApp service, and so it was possible for COSMEE to be selected as a partner”.

Growth Prospects

Despite the low number of decentralized applications available on the new Samsung crypto solution, some commentators think that the new developments may revitalize languishing crypto markets. The CEO of Coinduck, Shin Min-sub, believes that the crypto market will surge with the widespread adoption of crypto solutions in many other Smartphones. He added that:

“Many are still pessimistic on the highly volatile crypto coins, but things could change in a blink of an eye once coins pegged to Korean won or US dollars and crypto payments via flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S10 become more available for crypto coin solutions like Coinduck.”

Coinduck lets users buy a cup of coffee, shop for groceries, and also pay fees for ski equipment rental. Thus, the new crypto wallet service firm expects to expand to wider areas while partnering with Samsung. The mobile firm plans to integrate cryptocurrency for its users via Samsung Pay as we reported earlier.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S10 dApps, Believed to Save the Dwindling Crypto Market